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APizzaiola Is Born

29-year-old Giorgia Caporuscio’s star is on the rise in the historically male-dominated field of pizza making.

In the 1955 Italian film L’oro di Napoli, a young Sophia Loren portrays, unofficially, a pizzaiola, a wayward wife selling pizzas on the streets of Naples. The conflation, also unofficial, between a pizzaiola and an unruly woman is hard to ignore since pizzaioli (master pizza makers) have historically been men. Twenty-nine-year-old Giorgia Caporuscio wants to change that. Read more… 


We’ve been debating the city’s pizza quite a bit these days, and a handful of visits to Don Antonio have been part of the process – especially after seeing NY Mag put it in their “Best of New York” issue recently. How bold Read More


Fans ascend to “pie heaven” via the dozens of varieties built on “light, flaky” crusts (its flash-fried rendition is especially “scrumptious”) at this “excellent” Midtown Neapolitan; the setting can be “cramped” and “hectic”, yet in the end those “tasty” wood-fired pizzas “overcome all.” Read more

MeetGiorgia Caporuscio, Queen of Neapolitan Pizza in New York

It’s a man’s world, and even more so when it comes to the pizza-making industry; but that hasn’t stopped young and talented Giorgia Caporuscio from stepping in and claiming her (honorable) spot. Read more

DonAntonio: Finally, a Midtown NYC Pizzeria Worth Traveling To

[…] Yeah, they’ve got the same awesome crust, great sweet-fresh tomato sauce, and homemade cheese that make Kesté’s pies so good, but the real draw here is what they’re doing with the fryer. Read more

DonAntonio's Pizza is Some of the Best Pizza Anywhere

[…] If you don’t know what to order, go for the Margherita. It is simple and exquisite. Ask for the spicy oil to go along with it, and add to your pizza to your taste preference. Read more