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World-renowned Neapolitan pizza chefs, Roberto Caporuscio of the wildly popular Kesté Pizza & Vino in New York City, and his maestro, Antonio Starita, third generation owner of one Naples’ oldest and most revered pizzerias, Pizzeria Starita a Materdei, have joined forces to bring authentic Neapolitan pizza to Midtown Manhattan at Don Antonio.
Located at 309 West 50th Street in New York City, Don Antonio is where pizza fans can indulge in an expansive assortment of more than 60 traditional and creative, wood-fired Neapolitan pies, crafted from the finest ingredients, including homemade mozzarella. Highlights include a selection of pizze fritte (lightly fried pizza), such as the “Montanara Starita”.


Roberto Caporuscio

Roberto Caporuscio was born and raised on a dairy farm in Pontinia, Italy, an hour outside of Naples, where he first developed his culinary skills producing and selling cheese. It was, however, in Napoli, the birthplace of pizza, where Mr. Caporuscio went to study the art and craft of this culinary delight with the most talented Neapolitan pizza masters, including Antonio Starita. After training with the best, he established two successful pizzerias in Pittsburgh, PA, then A Mano in Ridgewood, NJ, and ultimately settled in New York City in 2009 when he opened Kesté Pizza and Vino on Bleecker Street, followed by Don Antonio in Midtown February 2012.

Giorgia Caporuscio

2013 Classical Pizza Champion – Montanara Starita
Giorgia moved to New York in 2010 to join her father and to learn English. After spending some time in the kitchen with her father, Roberto Caporuscio, he asked her, “Why don’t you to try to play with the dough, stretch it, see how we make it?” It started as a joke, but she soon fell in love with pizza-making. “I love pizza because it’s so simple but so particular. It’s so difficult to make yet so easy at the same. Everyone eats pizza – rich people, poor people, young and old. Everyone loves it. When I first started making pizza, I wanted to try it because I was the only girl working at a pizzeria. I wanted to prove myself. I wanted to say, ‘Oh, I can do it!’ but then I started to like it. I wanted to pursue something I was passionate about in life and do work that didn’t feel like work.”



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Don Antonio

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